If you’re just joining us, watch the below video for a recap of what’s transpired within our org over the past few months:

May 4, 2023

  • DBRIS launched a multi-social platform campaign across Twitter and TikTok to amplify our message in calling for the public’s support in our ongoing research into Disco Ball Theory
  • We did so because our research has recently led us to the startling discovery that attempts from parallel dimensions appear to be growing more frequent.
  • We called on our global community to post flyers in their local neighborhoods requesting tips and reports from the public of potential communication attempts
  • Our call was heard around the world, and as a result we received an influx of tips and reports, which our team is knee-deep in sifting through

May 8, 2023

  • We introduced our original research into the Wow Signal, the most concrete piece of evidence in support of Disco Ball Theory our organization has ever uncovered
  • The Wow! Signal was detected in 1977 at an Ohio State observatory. It lasted a brief 72 seconds, but exhibited a series of peculiar characteristics that have since struck many within the scientific community as potential evidence of extraterrestrial life
  • But due to many key actors we outline in our research, we believe that the Wow! Signal is sound evidence of parallel universes-furthermore, our experts hypothesize that the recent spike in reports of communication attempts our organization has been seeing might be related to the message attempting to reach us on that summer night in 1977.

May 9th, 2023

May 10th, 2023

May 12th, 2023

May 15th, 2023

  • On the morning of May 15th we received another package, one that contains 4 more items from the Northfield Vortex-the remaining items listed on the receipt sent to us in the original package
  • The items included:
  • After the incredible investigative work our community did on the first package, we tasked them with making heads or tails of what the contents of the second could possibly amount to…

May 24th, 2023

  • In the meantime between solving package 1 and our receiving package 2, our community found that marked up pages in *A Dweller on Two Planets* revealed a second phone number-(530)-853-3854. Calling led to a cryptic, static-filled voicemail message soliciting another unknown extension.
  • When we tasked them to help us decipher package 2, their attention was drawn to hidden symbols on the four items in the package:
  • Typing 4923 into the second website portal took our investigators to a new page, which had a puzzle with missing words
  • Entering that same extension into the phone number from the book revealed a voicemail left for a Dr. Steven Marks from someone named Dr. Bentley, a psychiatrist from Northfield, CA, calling for her patient, also named Steven Marks.
  • Parts of it were unintelligible, but internal DBRIS investigators realized that faint beeps overlaying Dr. Bentely’s voice are synched up with the words 1-4-2-0, which served as the second phone number extension-a continuation of Dr. Bentley’s message.
  • At the end of the message in the second extension was an automated voice speaking incomprehensible noises, which our community discovered to be anagrams of the next extension: 7093.
  • Entering this second extension takes you to the final part of Dr. Bentley’s confused message to Dr. Steven Marks, and by switching up the pacing of the message, our members revealed the final extension: 9427
  • This unlocked the entire, uninhibited message from Dr. Bentley, which astute members used to fill in the missing words in the puzzle on the website: “Signals Come in Dreams.”


We are DBRIS - the Disco Ball Research and Investigation Society. For years, our organization has dedicated itself to the study of the Disco Ball Theory, delving into the infinite complexities of parallel universes and their potential interactions with our own dimension.

DBRIS has been in perpetual operation for decades outside of public view, investigating instances of potential communication attempts from parallel dimensions, tirelessly seeking evidence of contact between our world and the countless others that exist alongside it.

What is Disco Ball Theory?

Have you ever seen your reflection in a disco ball?

All the tiny mirrors positioned at slightly different angles, each producing a unique reflection of you. This fascinating spectacle offers a compelling metaphor for the nature of parallel universes and the enigmatic concept known as “Disco Ball Theory.”

Disco Ball Theory posits that our reality is composed of an infinite number of parallel universes existing simultaneously, much like the multitude of reflections created by a disco ball. Each mirror represents a distinct reality, reflecting a world shaped by the consequences of individual choices, chance events, and the inexorable march of time.

These parallel universes, though separate, are intrinsically connected, with each one influencing the others through a complex web of interactions. Disco Ball Theory seeks to understand the fundamental principles that govern the existence and interplay of these parallel realities, as well as the manner in which they shape our understanding of the cosmos.

At its core, Disco Ball Theory embraces the idea that every decision we make, every action we take, and every path we choose creates a ripple effect that reverberates across the infinite expanse of the multiverse. This concept challenges our perception of the world and invites us to contemplate the profound implications of our choices, both on our own lives and on the vast tapestry of existence.

By exploring the depths of Disco Ball Theory, we may begin to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos and unlock the boundless potential that lies within the intricate lattice of parallel universes.

Why Go Public Now?

Recently, our research has led us to a startling discovery: we have evidence that communication attempts appear to be growing more frequent.

Our experts speculate that these increasingly prevalent messages could represent either a warning or a call for help from a parallel universe. Faced with the gravity of this situation, we have made the unprecedented decision to step out from the shadows and make our presence known to the public for the first time. We fear that if we fail to heed a warning or answer a desperate plea for help, the consequences could be devastating for our own dimension and the fragile balance that holds the multiverse together.


The Wow! Signal is one of the most pivotal and extensively researched phenomena in the field of DBRIS’ investigation into parallel dimensions. Detected on August 15, 1977, by astronomer Jerry R. Ehman at the Big Ear radio telescope of Ohio State University, the signal was a strong, narrowband radio transmission that lasted for a full 72 seconds. Struck by the unusual nature of the signal, Ehman famously circled the alphanumeric sequence ’6EQUJ5’ on the printout and wrote ’Wow!’ next to it, hence the name.

For decades, the origin of the Wow! Signal has been hotly debated among scientists, with some suggesting it as potential evidence of extraterrestrial life. However, our researchers believe that it is far more likely to be a message from a parallel dimension. This theory is supported by several factors:

1. The signal's frequency closely matched the hydrogen line, a natural radio emission frequency that could also serve as a ’cosmic watermark’ for intelligent beings attempting to communicate across dimensions.

2. Quantum Entanglement Transference (QET): The signal exhibits properties consistent with the transmission of quantum information across dimensions. It’s unique structure suggests that the message may have been encoded using entangled particles, allowing for instantaneous communication between dimensions while bypassing the limitations of classical physics.

3. Temporal Waveform Analysis (TWA): Our research indicates that the signal’s waveform exhibits a subtle yet distinct pattern of temporal distortion. This distortion is consistent with the theoretical effects of interdimensional communication, as messages from parallel dimensions would likely be subject to temporal shifts due to differences in the flow of time between universes.

4. Multidimensional Fractal Resonance (MFR): Advanced mathematical analysis of the signal has revealed a complex fractal pattern that seems to encode information about the structure of the multiverse itself. This fractal resonance is consistent with Disco Ball Theory and suggests that the message's sender possesses a deep understanding of the nature of parallel dimensions.

How You Can Get Involved

Spread the word by downloading our flyer below, posting it in your neighborhood, and sharing a photo of it with our Discord community

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English version
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