August 25th, 1977

Can’t believe you just started senior year! Hope your first few weeks went great. Take my advice, try to avoid catching senioritis for as long as possible, otherwise you’ll find yourself assisting in the campus observatory for extra credits like me this summer.

Speaking of which, I really need to tell you about something that happened to me on campus a couple weeks back. Well, I guess it started off campus…but I think it followed me back.

It’s something I haven’t even been able to tell my Delta Gamma sisters because I worry they’ll think I’m losing my mind (they already might…).

Anyway, remember that road trip I was taking with them down to Lexington? On the way home we stopped in at this little tourist spot - they called it an “energy vortex” or something.

It was like that place we saw for that program we watched when I was home after spring break-the one about Mystery Hill. But this place just looked like a field with a lump of raised grass in the shape of a snake - kinda like this:drawing of loopWhen we got out of the car - things started to get weird. I don’t even remember doing it but the next thing I know, I’m standing in the center of the spiral of the snake’s tail -in a trance - staring into the distance and talking to someone who looked exactly like me. It was like they were my twin and they were calling out to me - begging for help. I couldn’t move until one of my friends came up behind me and grabbed my shoulder. At that point, I turned around - screamed - and ran back into the car.

My friends asked me who I was talking to and I told them the truth - that it was myself or, another version of myself. I probably shouldn’t have said anything though because they have been acting weird around me ever since (I don’t blame them - it does sound crazy).

I wish it ended there…

But the next night, I’m back on campus for the late shift at the observatory and things got even weirder (if that’s even possible).

I got tried and sometimes I can sneak in a cat nap in the break room before anyone gets there. But as soon as I dosed off I had the strangest dream.

It was vivid and intense - I saw my twin - the same one and she was asking for something but I couldn’t hear her. I could see she was crying when I woke up, I was crying.

This all leads me to the craziness that’s been happening here on campus the last 10 days… there have been reports everywhere. You probably heard the news of that alien radio signal ? It was detected here at the Big Ear, in the same observatory, on the same day, at around the same time that I was having this dream. I know how it sounds… but I know these things are related. I feel it.

Also, I can’t shake this dream…I’ve had it every single night since.And I feel like it won’t stop until I find out what she’s asking for. I’m thinking of going back to where it all started - maybe I’ll see her again and maybe I’ll be able to hear her. All I know is that she needs my help.

I’ll keep you updated. But PLEASE don’t tell Mom and Dad about this. It will only worry them.

Love you sis,