The Disco Ball

Collaborate with us on a backstory for Azeglio Manzella by chronicling his upbringing and how channeled life with a blind father into a passion for space exploration and research.

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Co/Create: Azeglio Manzella Backstory




According to Azeglio’s dad he wasn’t always blind. He lost his vision during his childhood.

“It just went dark,my eyes just stopped.” he said.

Before that He didn’t realize how much of the subtle pleasures of life he had taken for granted. Simply seeing the people he talked to,seeing the people he loved , seeing himself, that favorite meal of his, that beautiful sun set, the glimmering summer sea and the colorful spring flowers were forever out of reach, forever out of sight.

Even his perception of time was impeded, until he met azeglio’s mother that is. With the bliss that came with their happy marriage azeglio’s dad still,from time to time, had an air of gloom and melancholy about him which affected his family life and His relationship with azeglio.

Since he couldn’t do high paying jobs due to his defect they lived mostly on the mother’s income, so life for the manzellas were tough and austere.

Although he had worked hard in adapting to his blindness, his inefficacy still troubled him deeply even more so after his wife died because he couldn’t afford her treatment when she was sick. This left Azeglio’s dad with bitter grief and painful regret over his disability.

Azeglio’s dad who seemed to use his sense of speech as if to compensate for his lack of vision became taciturn and aloof causing a strain between him and azeglio and breaking the bond they shared. He rarely spoke and even when he did would only talk about how beautiful azeglio’s mom was, which azeglio couldn’t understand owing to the fact that his dad had never seen his moms face before or his for that matter. So young Azeglio asked his father

How could you say mom was so beautiful when you’ve never seen her?

His dad responding with a titter and a smile that showed his unwavering conviction said

You may like a woman for all the things seen, but you love her for all the things heard. Both at heart and in mind. The softness in her voice that only you hear, the warmth and lingering sensation with every touch, the enthralling nuances between her and every other. That is beauty. That was your mother’s beauty.

But he strangely remarked at the end, his wish to see, even just once, the most beautiful woman he ever met and her precious son(his son) azeglio.

This remark spurred Azeglio to embark on his life long career to grant his father’s sight once more.

He researched on the use of advanced CMOS(complementary metal oxide semiconductor) sensors to capture light,save them as binary data and send them on the optical nerves directly to the brain with an intermediator converting the binary to electrical impulses that is understandable for the brain.

Although his research was to fulfill his goal of helping his father with his wish, the optical research garnered a lot of recognition from the ESA who felt his research would be invaluable to ISS research. They believe the worth of his research was that it would grant them the ability to further explore space with more scrutiny, since for various reasons such as space debris and radiation, Venturing further from the earth’s orbit was impossible. The Tangible long-term benefit of the success of his research would make it possible for astronauts to visit space from earth(that is, with the incorporation of the functionality of the system to all senses) which would reduce operating costs, management costs but still improve research efficiency.

Azeglio was given a lucrative offer that provided ample funding, equipment, and a research team, but in return he’d work on the ISS. He agreed. Although their objectives varied from his,their resources would go a long way in helping him achieve his goal and father’s quicker and possibly help others who live with visual impairment.