What is StoryCo?
StoryCo is an open storytelling platform where creators and passionate fans collaborate and co-create the next great story franchises and jointly participate in their success. Check out our litepaper for more.
What is StoryCo's mission and vision?
Our mission is to unlock the potential of every creator and fan around the world by building an open production platform that allows communities to come together to create, contribute to, and ultimately co-own the next generation of story-based franchises.
What is Story DAO Labs?
Story DAO Labs is the parent company that is building StoryCo. You can learn more about our team and investors here.
Where can I stay informed?
You can stay informed about StoryCo and The Disco Ball by joining our Discord, following us on Twitter, subscribing to our Storyline newsletter, and by signing up to be a part of The Disco Ball.
How can I get involved in StoryCo?
There are a number of ways to get involved:
  • Employment at StoryCo: you can apply to any of our open positions. If you feel that you can contribute to our overall mission, we would love to hear from you.
  • Membership: you can become a member of Story DAO Producer Token Community by applying to become a producer token member here.
  • Discord Community: You can join our Discord community here. We currently have various community events and ways to contribute to our ecosystem inside Discord.
What is the Story DAO Producer Token?

The Story DAO Producer Token is a membership NFT that has many benefits and also responsibilities to help the StoryCo ecosystem. It was designed by shelby and sandy and animated and scored by Producer Token holders Mark Petro and David Burris. We sold an initial supply of 300 tokens as a private, allowlist-only mint.

Ownership benefits include free, discounted and/or guaranteed mints for future projects, exclusive rare trait access to future mints, VIP event access, both online and IRL, VIP platform access to beta and premium features, VIP Discord and Telegram channels, priority and exclusive access to merch drops, being named in credits as a Producer, and invites to screenings and premieres. You can learn more and apply to the Producer Token Community here.

How do I create a new story on StoryCo?
We will be opening up the platform to community projects within the next several months. If you are a creator, producer, or have a community that is interested in creating a new project on the StoryCo platform, please let us know by filling out this expression of interest form.
What is the experience of the team?
Our team consists of some of the most knowledgeable and influential people in entertainment, technology, games, art, and incentive design with a track record of building successful businesses and technologies. All of the core contributors doxxed, and we are building this network with long-term value in mind. You can find a full list of Story DAO Labs investors and team members who are all dedicated to our underlying mission and vision here.
Will StoryCo support any charities?
Yes. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to create amazing stories. We are partnering with Reel Start, Evan Goldberg's non-profit that educates, inspires, and empowers youth to change their world through film.

The Disco Ball

What is The Disco Ball?

The Disco Ball is our first story production that we are launching as an interactive and immersive visual story that blends different forms of media to create a rich and compelling experience.

We have partnered with Story Architect Kyle Killen, Story Artists shelby and sandy, and Story Musicians Superposition to bring The Disco Ball to life on the StoryCo platform.

Learn more here.

How is The Disco Ball universe structured?
The Disco Ball will be structured as its own organization. We are creating The Disconauts, ownable rare avatars designed by shelby and sandy representing characters from the narrative, that will convey partial control over the future of the franchise and a shared community treasury. The Disco Ball organization will be formalized and launched at the end of the telling of the core narrative, sometime in mid to late 2023.
What is The Disco Ball StoryPass?
The Disco Ball StoryPass is your entry point into The Disco Ball universe. The Disco Ball StoryPass will evolve and add Story Moments as it catalogs your journey and participation through The Disco Ball. Your StoryPass will be used to earn various rewards within The Disco Ball, including the opportunity to earn a free and ultra-rare Disconaut, merch, and other amazing experiences...even future ownership of the franchise.
What are The Disco Ball Story Moments?
Story Moments are waypoints in The Disco Ball story that are added to your StoryPass for achievements in the story. These story moments include activations that create community participation and collaboration through solving puzzles and finding clues. These activations are immersive and allow the community to become a part of the actual story.
How do I contribute creatively to The Disco Ball project?
You can join our Discord and see the open bounties, proposals, and open creation happening around The Disco Ball universe. There will be many opportunities to contribute creatively through sound effects and editing, story writing and editing, animation and illustrations, production support, and other creative ways to help the community produce the best possible stories.
How do I sign up for The Disco Ball?
Sign up for The Disco Ball and become a part of our first production by getting your StoryPass. Enjoy the unfolding of the story and help us create The Disco Ball universe into an expansive and successful franchise.
How do I join The Disco Ball Discord Community?
You can join The Disco Ball Discord community here. We currently have various community events and ways to contribute to our ecosystem inside Discord. Your StoryPass will get you access to exclusive Disco Ball channels.
Who owns the IP that is created within The Disco Ball?
StoryCo is creating a community-owned IP (intellectual property) structure. The revenue from The Disco Ball IP monetization will be shared with the story universe treasury, and StoryCo plans to create an infrastructure where the community can collectively share ownership of this IP and the platform as a public good.
When does The Disco Ball Launch?
Chapter 1 of The Disco Ball will be released in early 2023, and there will be some fun prologue activations ahead of the launch. Stay tuned by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter.
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