What is StoryCo?

StoryCo is a pioneering entertainment platform that enables storytellers to easily create and publish multimedia stories, engage and build a fan base, and expand these stories into ever-evolving universes leveraging the networked creativity of their community. StoryCo is launching the platform with THE DISCO BALL - an immersive and interactive sci-fi epic experience produced by an A-list Hollywood cast and crew, along with the direct-contribution of our global community through our “Co-Create” initiatives, which invites creators to build on top-of and expand THE DISCO BALL world by creating key elements of the story. Backed by a diverse group of investors in art, media, gaming, entertainment, and technology, StoryCo is reshaping the entertainment landscape by bringing fans closer to the stories they love.

What is StoryCos mission and vision?

Our mission is to unlock the potential of every creator and fan around the world by building an open production platform that allows creators and communities to come together to develop, contribute to, and co-own the next generation of story-based franchises.

What is the StoryDAO Producer community?

Our earliest believers and supporters, we consider this community an extension of our core team. They serve as a sounding board for many of our core projects, launches and initiatives. Our Producers are a vibrant mix of creative minds and thought-leaders from across the media, entertainment, Web3, tech and business sectors, all with a passion for what we’re building at StoryCo and a desire to have a voice in the direction of our company.

You can learn more about the Producer Community here or in the FAQs here, and apply to become a member by filling out this application.

How do I create a new story on StoryCo?

We will be opening up the platform to community projects soon. If you are a creator, producer, or have a community that is interested in creating a new project on the StoryCo platform, please let us know by filling out this expression of interest form.

What is the experience of the team?

Our team consists of some of the most knowledgeable and influential people in entertainment, technology, games, art, and incentive design with a track record of building successful businesses and technologies. We are building this network with long-term value in mind. You can find a full list of StoryCo investors and team members who are all dedicated to our underlying mission and vision here.

Will StoryCo support any charities?

Yes. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to create amazing stories. We are partnering with Reel Start, Evan Goldberg\s non-profit that educates, inspires, and empowers youth to change their world through film.

How can I get involved with StoryCo?

There are a number of ways to get involved:

  • Head to Story.co and read our Litepaper, and learn more about THE DISCO BALL by visiting Story.co/discoball, where you can also sign up for a StoryCo account with your email to activate your StoryPass.
  • Join our Discord and Reddit communities and follow us on Twitter to stay abreast of all the latest updates and connect with other community members.
  • Head to DBRIS.net, watch the recap video and read the Updates and About to read what transpired during the Prologue experience for THE DISCO BALL and gear up for the launch of Chapter 1.
Where can I stay informed?

You can stay informed about StoryCo and THE DISCO BALL by joining our Discord, following us on Twitter, and by signing up to be a part of The Disco Ball.

The Disco Ball


THE DISCO BALL is an immersive sci-fi epic experience from the mind of accomplished Hollywood Showrunner Kyle Killen (Halo, Awake, Lone Star) illustrated by celebrated LA-based pop-artists Shelby and Sandy, and featuring a to-be-announced all-star Hollywood cast. The plot follows Captain Alma Cooke and her crew of astronauts as they are thrust into a journey to save the multiverse. In order for the characters to succeed, the audience of THE DISCO BALL must aid them by taking real world action - helping shape the narrative through in-world quests, and by lending their own artistic and creative talents to “co-create” key elements of the core narrative.

What is the media format of The Disco Ball?

THE DISCO BALL will be multi-media, leveraging voiced narrative, animated illustrations and 3D rendered environments, rich sound effects, live-action and animated video sequences, and unprecedented fan interactivity. THE DISCO BALL is the first story representing a new form of entertainment that StoryCo is pioneering, bringing fans closer to the stories they love.

Learn more here.

What is StoryPass?

StoryPass is your entry point into THE DISCO BALL universe. StoryPass will evolve and add Story Moments as it catalogs your journey and participation through THE DISCO BALL plot. Your StoryPass will be used to earn various rewards within THE DISCO BALL, including the opportunity to earn free and ultra-rare digital objects, merch, and other amazing experiences...even a future share of the profit of the franchise itself…

How do I receive my own StoryPass?

By visiting Story.co/discoBall, and entering your email in the pop-up window in the bottom-left of the screen.

What are Story Moments?

Story Moments are waypoints in THE DISCO BALL. You will have the ability to add them to your StoryPass at key moments in the story, and during alternate-reality “activations,” involving in-real-life community participation and collaboration through solving puzzles and finding clues.

Will THE DISCO BALL have an NFT Drop?

We are working on an exclusive NFT drop designed by shelby and sandy in their signature pop-art style. The collection will be spawned out of a key moment in a later chapter of THE DISCO BALL, and those who are most engaged with the story (collecting of Story Moments, submitting to Co-Creates, actively engaging in community) will have a chance to receive special rewards related to these NFTs. Holding an NFT will give the owner the ability to help shape the narrative of The Disco Ball will allow them to earn profit points in The Disco Ball.

How can I contribute creatively to THE DISCO BALL?

Through our Co-Create initiative, we are inviting our community to participate in the creation of key elements of THE DISCO BALL core narrative. More on Co-Create can be found in our Co-Create FAQ sectionand by visiting Story.co/create, where you can also find all current Co-Creates available for submission.

What are Profit Points?

Through our Profit Point system, we are decentralizing profit-sharing in THE DISCO BALL by inviting our community of co-creators and fans to earn a stake over the future financial success of the franchise. More on Profit Points and their tie-in with Co-Create can be found at Story.co/create, and by visiting the Profit Point FAQ section.

When does THE DISCO BALL Launch?

We soft-launched THE DISCO BALL with our interactive “Prologue” experience in May of 2023, but Chapter 1 will be released imminently in Summer 2023. Stay tuned by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter.

What did the “Prologue” experience entail?

The “Prologue” for THE DISCO BALL revolved around a fictitious organization called the Disco Ball Research and Investigation Society (DBRIS) where members within our community found clues and solved puzzles to earn rare Story Moments within The Disco Ball universe. In the lore of THE DISCO BALL, DBRIS has been operating for decades outside of public view, investigating potential communication attempts from parallel dimensions.

More info on DBRIS can be found at DBRIS.net, where you can also watch an in-depth recap video of everything that transpired throughout the Prologue experience. Go earn your early Story Moments for The Disco Ball now.

How can I stay updated on the launch of Chapter 1 of THE DISCO BALL?

You can join the StoryCo Discord and Reddit communities, and follow us on Twitter to stay abreast of all the latest updates and announcement regarding all things DISCO BALL.


What is a StoryCo “Co-Create”?

A "Co-Create" is an invitation to participate in the creation of key elements of our stories. Co-creates will span the realm of artistic expression, from creative writing to illustrating, animating to acting. Co-creators will have the opportunity to create new characters, animate scenes, be a voice actor for a character in the narrative, and more.

Why does StoryCo offer Co-Creation opportunities?

We’ve developed our Co-Create system in order to harness the networked creativity of our community. We believe that stories are living entities that grow and thrive with the input of different perspectives and voices, and that the centralized, gate-kept mode of producing them is a thing of the past. By offering Co-Creation opportunities, we aim to create rich, ever-evolving story worlds that grow and expand organically through the networked creativity of our community.

How does the Co-Create process work?

**The Co-Creation process works as follows:

Application Submission: Interested creators should submit an original work following the creative considerations and submission guidelines of the co-create. Our creative team will review all submitted applications, considering creative proficiency and alignment with the creative and submission guidelines.

Review & Selection: The creator whose work best meets the criteria will be contacted regarding the winning submission and provided with feedback on their work. This may involve discussions on refining the concept, making adjustments, or seeking clarifications to ensure the submission aligns with the vision of the character, episode, and franchise.

Feedback & Finalization: The creator will work closely with the core team to finalize the artistic work, incorporating the feedback and making any necessary revisions.

Story Integration: Once finalized, the approved submission will be integrated into the story, as outlined on the co-create submission page.

Crediting and Recognition: The artist whose work is featured in the story will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions via our compendium that is ever-present as people engage with the story.

Will artists be compensated for bounties?

Absolutely! An artist whose work is selected through our review process will be duly compensated with a combination of three forms of payment:

  • USD (or USDC)
  • Profit Points
  • NFTs

The exact combination of these modes of compensation will be unique to each co-create and will be clearly specified at the top of the Co-Create description. Each Co-Create may offer compensation in one, two, or all three forms, depending on the specific needs and nature of the co-create.

What are “Profit Points”?

“Profit Points” are the foundation of the reward system StoryCo has developed to allow creators and fans the ability to share in the upside potential of IP created on the platform. Profit Points, quite simply, represent a claim to a percentage of the profit generated by the underlying IP and are awarded for meaningful contributions to the story universes.

Find more FAQs about Profit Points below.

Who is eligible to submit their work for Co-Creates?

Co-Creates are open to anyone, regardless of location, background, or level of experience. At StoryCo, we believe creativity can come from anyone, anywhere and our aim is to foster an environment where the only determinant of success is the strength of your work and ideas.

Can I collaborate with someone on a Co-Creation?

Certainly! Collaboration is welcomed and encouraged for submissions. If you are actively seeking a creative collaborator, you can visit ourDiscord and check out the categories within our “Showcase” channel to connect with like-minded creatives.

Are there specific guidelines I should follow when creating content for a co-create?

Yes, each Co-create includes a detailed description of the desired creative output, information about how that work will layer into the larger narrative, a variety of creative references, and any necessary contextual information in relation to the larger story.

Is there a submission deadline for each co-create?

Yes, each co-create has a specific submission deadline which will be clearly indicated at the top of the co-create listing. We encourage you to submit your work before the deadline to ensure your contribution is considered.

How will my work be evaluated for the co-create?

All submissions will be reviewed by our internal creative team who will evaluate each entry based on artistic merit, originality, and alignment with the submission guidelines and story. As the story progresses and evolves, our plan is to decentralize this decision-making process, allowing community members to vote on the submissions that resonate with them.

How is my work integrated into the story after its finalized?

Once a winner (or winners) are announced, they will be given creative notes, and their final work will be integrated into the larger narrative by our internal production team.

Will I receive recognition for my work? How will I be credited?

Of course. If your work is selected and integrated into a story, you will be recognized appropriately and credited in the compendium which will appear contextually within the story alongside your creative work.

Can I submit work for more than one co-create? If so, how does that process work?

Yes, you can submit work for more than one co-create. The process remains the same - review the co-create listings, follow the creative guidelines, and submit your work before the deadline. Each co-create is considered independently, so your submissions for different bounties should also be independent and unique to each specific creative challenge.

Profit Points

What are Profit Points?

“Profit Points” are the foundation of the reward system StoryCo has developed to allow creators and fans the ability to share in the upside potential of IP created on the platform. Profit Points, quite simply, represent a claim to a percentage of the profit generated by the underlying IP and are awarded for meaningful contributions to the story universes. The more you contribute, the more you’ll earn.

How can I earn Profit Points?

The first, and most substantial way to earn Profit Points is to submit creative work to a Co-Creation opportunity. Eventually, as the story progresses, the Profit Points system will expand to reward other types of actions within story, such as solving a puzzle, finding a clue, voting on co-creation submissions, or taking an action that increases the value of the IP.

How is the number of Profit Points for each Co-Create determined?

The number of Profit Points awarded for each Co-Creation or action is determined by a system that considers level of effort, time, and value to the narrative as a whole. This system will ensure a fair assessment of each contribution to our shared story. There will be a total of 500 million Profit Points reserved for creators and contributors to THE DISCO BALL, representing 50% of StoryCo’s total profit from the the IP.

How does the profit distribution work?

Profits are distributed in relation to the qualifying monetization events within our stories’ universe. Whenever these occur, StoryCo will enable a claim function within your user profile. Every person who initiates a claim will need to go through a KYC process. More information about this process can be found in our terms and conditions here.

What would qualify as a monetization event?

Monetization events can encompass a wide-range of events from the story IP, including a film or television licensing deal, NFT mint revenue, merchandise sales, and the full sale of the story IP to an external stakeholder.

How do I receive my monetary compensation in the wake of a monetization event?

After a successful profit event, qualifying Profit Point holders must go through the KYC process to redeem their points for monetary compensation.

Can I transfer or sell my Points?

Points are non-transferable, signifying your unique stake in the future profits of the story. This means they cannot be sold or transferred to anyone else, reflecting their exclusive connection to your personal contribution.

Where can I see my Points?

All earned Points will be added to a user’s StoryCo profile, which you can access by logging in on the StoryCo platform with your email address at Story.co.

Can I lose my Profit Points?

Yes. Profit Points are not a currency and anyone can lose points for non-compliance with the outlined terms and conditions.

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