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Co/Create Winner Profile: Voice Actor Roy Berglund

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When Roy Berglund ended his career as a Walt Disney World Imagineer, he did anything but retire. Instead, he decided to put his voice to work and pursue a career as a voice actor.

Roy is of the belief that a career in the field does not have an expiration date. Roy is especially bullish on a career in voice acting as the opportunities in voice acting evolve with the advent of podcasts, gaming and other interactive media. His voice acting career aspirations going forward are to continue pursuing opportunities in a wide range of fields to the best of his natural voice abilities to create and bring to life the voice necessary to fulfill the director/producer’s dream to reality.

His submission to our "Government Whistleblower Voice Performance" Co/Create conveyed the sufficient urgency to breathe life into this pivotal character in our tale.

Roy's Co-Creation

Below are 2 takes of the recording Roy completed for the mysterious whistleblower character Roy will voice in THE DISCO BALL:

Roy's Creative Process

When Roy is preparing for a role, the first thing he does is review the producer’s request and requirements for the role’s voice (ie: tone, volume range, accents, dialect, mood). He then googles the particular dialect for the role and records rehearsals in that accent to the best of his ability. When preparing for recording the actual role, he reads the entire script many times over prior to finalizing his exact approach to the role inclusive of all the aforementioned decisions to be made on range/dialect/tone. In terms of recording, he normally fasts, only eating solid foods and avoiding liquids prior to recording.

To practice his voice performances on a day-to-day basis, one excersise he does is reading aloud when reading his favorite books.

Looking Ahead

Roy's voice performance will be featured in an early chapter of THE DISCO BALL experience.


To check out Roy's portfolio and demo reels, visit www.voicebyroy.com.

You can view Roy's submission to the "Government Whistleblower Voice Performance" Co/Create here:

To learn more about Co/Create and view all the current Co/Create opportunities, visit Story.co/create.

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