Collaborate with us to voice the character of a mysterious government whistleblower whose secrets will reverberate for the rest of THE DISCO BALL narrative.

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Co/Create Details

for Government Whistleblower Voice Performance


The actor will be playing the part of a character in THE DISCO BALL story experience that has spent their entire career working within the US government and is privy to classified information about secret government projects. One such project is the focus of the information they will reveal at a pivotal moment of the narrative.

The character's accent should be American in nature. The reveal in question will happen over the phone, with the whistleblower providing information and asking for assistance on a mission that could save the universe from disaster. They will be delivering some of this in coded language. Their urgent tone should convey the fact that they’re putting their life on the line by even having this conversation, and that they may be found out at any moment.


Each submission should include an English-language audition reading of the following sample dialogue:

"Hey, I’ve been waiting for your call. Look, I’m going to keep this brief because I don't have much time left, so just listen and stay quiet. Something big is at play here, and you're part of it…"

Submission should be delivered as an mp3 file.


One take from the original submission will be incorporated as a piece of dialogue in a future chapter of THE DISCO BALL.



Interested voice actors should submit a recording of their performance of the sample dialogue in the brief, and in accordance to the submission guidelines. A link to a voice acting reel or recent performance is welcome, but 100% not required.

Review & Selection

Our creative team will review all submissions, considering overall quality of read and alignment with the creative considerations. The actor whose audition best meets the criteria will be contacted and provided with feedback on their submission. This may involve recording a second practice read of the actual lines to be included in the story, and any follow-up discussions on refining aspects of read (delivery, tone, intonation, etc.) to ensure the recording aligns with the vision of the character.

Feedback & Finalization

Actor will work closely with the creative team to finalize and incorporate notes into final reading, which may include attending a professional studio to record the final lines for story integration (based on your location).

Story Integration

Once finalized, the approved recording will be integrated into the narrative where appropriate.


Voice actor will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.