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The Disco Ball

Collaborate with us on a 90’s-era wordmark logo for DBRIS that would have been used for various initiatives such as organizational letterhead, newsletters, memos, and ID badges.

Co/Create Details
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Co/Create Details

for 90’s-era DBRIS Wordmark Logo Design


DBRIS plays a key role in the core narrative of THE DISCO BALL, eventually serving as a resource in the epic quest of Captain Alma Cooke and her team of astronauts aboard the ISS. DBRIS is a civilian organization dedicated to the study of Disco Ball Theory, which posits that our reality is composed of an infinite number of parallel universes existing simultaneously, much like the multitude of reflections created by a disco ball. Recently, DBRIS made the unprecedented decision to make their presence known to the public for the first time after years of dedicated research in the shadows. Looking ahead, we will leverage this logo as we create the lore of DBRIS using both Co-Create initiatives and original writing from our creative team, building out the canon of DBRIS by exploring this epoch of the organization’s complex history.


Interested artists should submit an original DBRIS wordmark logo design based on the brief.

Files should be delivered in editable AI, SVG, PDF, or EPS vector formats.


The artistic direction of this wordmark logo should be historically accurate to the time-period. Think of the art created for music and movies, as well as the colors and overall vibe elicited in logos from the era. The logo should feel very “90s” yet should also make sense from the perspective of DBRIS and their mission. What cultural signifiers would a DBRIS graphic designer of this era draw from to make a company logo?



Interested artists should submit an original design based on the guidelines outlined in the brief (creative portfolio and art samples optional).

Review & Selection

Our creative team will review all submitted applications, considering overall design quality, originality, creativity, and alignment with the story context and creative considerations. The artist whose design best meets the criteria will be contacted and provided with feedback on their submission. This may involve discussions on refining the concept, making adjustments, or seeking clarifications to ensure the design aligns with the vision of the franchise.

Feedback & Finalization

Designer will work closely with the creative team to finalize and incorporate notes into final rendering.

Story Integration

Once finalized, the approved logo will be integrated into the narrative where appropriate, appearing in future DBRIS storylines, activations, marketing materials and physical items/media.


Designer will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.