Comic Panels
The Disco Ball

Collaborate with us to create the panel artwork for Alma’s flashback scenes in Chapter 2 of THE DISCO BALL. These scenes will be told in the form of comic panels with narrative voice over, and serve as an integral part of the core narrative experience in Chapter 2.

Co/Create Details

for Alma Cooke Flashback Artwork 🎨


Submission Guidelines

Interested artists should submit 2-3 original panel illustrations that represent moments in this scene.

Files should be delivered in editable AI, SVG, PDF, or EPS vector formats.

Story Context

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As the crew begins their chaotic decent back to Earth, Alma scrolls through old vacation photos on her phone while imagining herself back on the beach with her family. These moments of respite from the terror the crew is experiencing tell us all we need to know about her connection to her family - they are her happy place, and she is desperate to get back to them.

Creative Considerations

Artists shelby and sandy are hard at work building out the visual universe for the core narrative of THE DISCO BALL, but we are searching for two artists who can reimagine a new aesthetic world and style that represents this particular sequence of events in the crew’s desperate attempt for survival.

Creative References

“Maus” by Art Spiegelman

“Black Hole” by Charles Burns

“Watchmen” by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins



Interested artists should submit 2-3 original panel illustrations that aligns with the brief (creative portfolio and writing sample optional).

Review & Selection:

Our creative team will review all submissions, considering overall artistic quality, originality, creativity, and alignment with the story context and creative considerations. The artist whose designs best meets the criteria will be contacted and notified that they are the winner.

Feedback & Finalization:

The winning artist will work closely with our creative team to finalize and incorporate notes into a final rendering of 8-12 panels.

Story Integration:

Once finalized, the approved panels will be integrated into the story experience, appearing as a core consumption feature of Chapter 2 of THE DISCO BALL.


Artists will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.