Digital Murals
The Disco Ball

Collaborate with us on bringing our multi-hyphenated heroine’s murals to life by illustrating your very own mural designed from Alma’s perspective!

Co/Create Details

for Alma Cooke’s Mural Designs


As a distinguished engineer and ISS commander by day and a hobbyist mural artist by night, Alma Cooke is one of the few who can toggle so seamlessly between the rational and the creative sides of the brain.

While Alma's passion as a mural artist normally takes a back seat to her high profile role of ISS mission commander, Alma's world shifts dramatically when a stream of her EVA (extra vehicular activity) goes viral, causing thousands of "support" comments to flood into her mural art Instagram account.


You can submit any piece of visual or written content that conveys your vision for the mural, including but not limited to:

  • Fully realized comic panel illustrations
  • Sketches or preliminary drawings of mural designs
  • Written descriptions outlining your creative vision for the mural
  • Concept art or mood boards that convey the style and theme of the mural
  • Anything else that conveys the visual tone of your mural design

Feel free to also add any relevant portfolio content, if applicable.

This Co/Create is catered to artists of all levels and is designed to take less than an hour of your time to complete a submission.

We are looking for a mural design that captures the essence of what Alma’s art would look like, given everything we learn about her character in Chapter 1. What colors would she employ? Which visual elements would she include? Would she hide any Easter eggs in reference to her kids or day job on the ISS?


The winning submission will be transformed into one (1) original mural designed from Alma’s perspective, delivered in editable AI, SVG, PDF, or EPS vector formats (minimum 1920x1080 pixels).



Interested artists should submit their Alma’s mural concept in the format of their choosing.

Review & Selection

Our creative team will evaluate all submissions based on the factors outlined in the submission guidelines, selecting the winning writer and a short list of runner ups who will receive Profit Points for their work.

Feedback & Finalization

The winning writer will work with the creative team to make any necessary revisions to their submission and ensure it is rendered in the correct technical specs necessary for THE DISCO BALL experience.

Story Integration

Once finalized, the mural will be integrated into the core narrative of THE DISCO BALL in the two scenes in which the mural is referenced (here and here).


Designer will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.