Voice Performance
Devil May Care

Collaborate with the creator of Devil May Care to voice the character of Rangi, an irreverent devil with a nice-streak.

Co/Create Details

for Rangi Voice Performance


Kahurangi Te Kanawa (”Rangi”) is a devil, but not like you think. Instead of being a symbol of hate and evil, he only wants what's best for everyone around him. Upbeat, delightful and a little bit dim, Rangi sees every stranger as a friend he hasn’t met. His Achilles’ heel, however, is that he has a juvenile understanding of ethics.

This causes him to clash with Valeria, the ornery angel on the other shoulder, who he constantly tries to win over as they both attempt to advise the humans who they are indebted to serving.


Character Notes:

Male, 20s or 30s, Maori accent

Performance Notes:

The performer should speak in a voice that puts you at your ease. Friendly, charming and disarming. Not necessarily all that deep in tone, though a range that could reach that level would be ideal for certain scenes.

Audition Reading:

"Listen my man, you see that phone don’t you? Aren’t you worried about your little girl’s problems? Just take a quick peek to see if everything’s okay with her. I won’t tell anyone…Although, if it was my old man I definitely wouldn’t want him looking through my private messages. And the trust between a parent and child can be a very fragile thing.”


The selected voice performer for this Co/Create will conduct a 2-hour recording session to record all of the lines currently written for Rangi in Devil May Care (see the Devil May Care Webtoon for reference).

As additional chapters are produced, the chosen actor will work with the Devil May Care creator to set up a mutually agreed upon recording schedule and scope of work and budget to record future chapters of the story.



Submit your audition for this role.

Review & Selection

The creator(s) will evaluate all submissions and select the winner.

Feedback & Finalization

The winning actor will work with the creator(s) to record lines as outlined in the Submission Requirements.

Story Integration

Recorded lines will be incorporated into the story.


The actor will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.