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The Disco Ball: Chapter 1
Marcus Rhoder Backstory Artwork

Collaborate with us to create the artwork for the origin story of one of the THE DISCO BALL’s supporting characters, based on the to-be selected Co/Create tasking writers to create Marcus’ backstory for THE DISCO BALL compendium. The backstory will be told in the form of comic panels with narrative voice over from Lionel Boyce, the voice of Marcus, serving as a part of the core narrative experience in Chapter 1.

Cover image for Marcus Rhoder Backstory Artwork
Comic Panels
Profit Points
$700 USD

Submission Guidelines

All files should be delivered as follows:

  • Editable Figma, AI, SVG, PDF, or EPS vector files
  • 16:9, 7:5 and 1:1 aspect ratios

Story Context

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Marcus Rhoder, an engineer on the International Space Station (ISS) under Captain Alma Cooke, stands out for more than just his technical prowess as an engineer. Beyond his primary duties aboard the ISS, Marcus has seamlessly blended his astronaut role with that of a Youtube educator, amassing millions of subscribers to his channel. With his videos, he deciphers complex space phenomena, making it accessible and engaging for his wide audience back on Earth. Marcus is Alma’s favorite crew member, not only due to her deep respect for his engineering expertise and ability to juggle his YouTube educator side gig along with his strenuous day job, but also for his upbeat and positive attitude in such a closely-confined, high-stress environment.

Creative Considerations

Artists shelby and sandy are hard at work building out the visual universe for the core narrative of THE DISCO BALL, but we are searching for an artist who can reimagine a new aesthetic world and style that represents Marcus’ backstory, reflecting the core details of his persona as developed by Michael Lewen.

Creative References

“Maus” by Art Spiegelman

“Black Hole” by Charles Burns

“Watchmen” by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins

Story Universe Examples
  • "Marcus Rhoder's Backstory" by Michael Lewen
How It Works

Interested artists should submit an original panel illustration that aligns with the guidelines outlined in this document (creative portfolio and writing sample optional).

Review & Selection

Our creative team will review all submissions, considering overall artistic quality, originality, creativity, and alignment with the story context and creative considerations. The artist whose designs best meets the criteria will be contacted and provided with feedback on their submission.

Feedback & Finalization

Artist will work closely with the creative team to finalize and incorporate notes into final rendering.

Story Integration

Once finalized, the approved panels will be integrated into the story experience, appearing as a core consumption feature of Chapter 1 of THE DISCO BALL.


Artist will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.