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Level 5
The Disco Ball: DBRIS
International Director of DBRIS Character

Collaborate with us on the creation of a new character in the form of the International Director of the Disco Ball Research and Investigation Society (DBRIS). The assignment is to build an original character using our character building treatment template, detailing the character’s upbringing and life story, how they became associated with the organization, why they believe in Disco Ball Theory, and what they hope to accomplish as they continue to amplify their mission. The character’s gender is undefined and will be determined by the winning entry. The selected submission will then work with our creative team to turn their treatment into a 1-2k word in-character blog post serving as the character’s personal manifesto. This character will be heavily involved with future storylines and we will cast an actor based on the character you create to portray them throughout the narrative.

Cover image for International Director of DBRIS Character
Character Creation
In-Character Blog Post
Profit Points
$500 USD

Submission Guidelines

Interested writers fill out and submit our Character Profile Treatment (Click here to access).

Treatment should be:

• English language
• Written in prose
• Completed in no more than 1-hour

Story Context

DBRIS will play a key role in the core narrative of THE DISCO BALL, eventually serving as a resource in the epic quest of Captain Alma Cooke and her team of astronauts aboard the ISS. They are a civilian organization dedicated to the study of Disco Ball Theory, which posits that our reality is composed of an infinite number of parallel universes existing simultaneously, much like the multitude of reflections created by a disco ball. Recently, DBRIS made the unprecedented decision to make their presence known to the public for the first time after years of dedicated research in the shadows. The International Director was a key architect of this decision.

Creative Prompt

We envision that this character grew up with a parent(s) who was heavily involved with DBRIS. Because of this, they always shied away from anything that could be considered “fringe” science, instead dedicating themselves to the pursuit of more widely respected forms of scientific research. But after some time working within the scientific establishment, they were pushed towards DBRIS when a mysterious incident resulted in the disappearance of their parent. From there, they devoted themselves to DBRIS and Disco Ball Theory. They quickly rose up the ranks, motivated by their loss and the sneaking suspicion that their parents’ disappearance was related to Disco Ball Theory. Though incredibly intelligent and capable, this character is, to the outside world, the epitome of wasted talent and what happens when you go all the way down the rabbit hole.

Creative References

How It Works

Interested writers should upload their character building treatment based on the brief (creative portfolio and writing sample optional).

Review & Selection

Our creative team will review all submitted applications, considering narrative writing proficiency, creativity, and alignment with the creative guidelines and existing world of DBRIS. The writer whose treatment best meets the criteria will be contacted and provided with feedback on their prose. This may involve discussions on refining the concept, making adjustments, or seeking clarifications to ensure the design aligns with the vision of the character, episode, and franchise.

Feedback & Finalization

Writer will work closely with the creative team to turn their treatment into a 1-2k word personal essay, which could include several rounds of incorporating feedback and making any necessary revisions. The focus is on ensuring the prose is gripping, cohesive with the world of DBRIS, and incorporates the necessary elements of our character-building template to bring this character to life.

Story Integration

Once finalized, the approved blog post will be integrated into the story, appearing in the narrative, in-world on, and across DBRIS socials.


Writer will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.