Written Pitch
The Disco Ball

Collaborate with us by pitching your own original idea for a new Co/Create opportunity and tell us how you'd like to see THE DISCO BALL universe expand!

Co/Create Details

for Pitch Your Own Co/Create


THE DISCO BALL is an ever-expanding story universe shaped by the creativity of our community. The potential for new narratives within this universe is boundless.

While all current Co/Create opportunities have been conceived of by our creative team, we are now opening up the Co/Create formation process by allowing you to pitch us your vision for how you'd like THE DISCO BALL franchise to evolve.

What corners of our universe have yet to be explored? What characters events or storylines have sparked your imagination? Which creative formats or styles do you think would add more depth to the multimedia tale?

The possibilities are endless, and we're excited to see your vision for the next phase of THE DISCO BALL!


Your idea can take any form that best conveys your concept:

  • A written pitch outlining your idea for a new story branch or creative project within THE DISCO BALL universe.
  • Concept outlines, treatments, or briefs that detail the narrative, characters, and setting of your proposed idea.
  • Sketches, mood boards, or visual aids that help illustrate the essence of your concept.
  • Any other form of presentation that effectively communicates your vision for expanding the universe of THE DISCO BALL.


Each Idea Co/Create will either be issued as a Co/Create and the winning submission will be integrated into THE DISCO BALL based on the creative considerations of that particular Idea.



Interested creators should submit a written pitch based on the guidelines outlined in this overview.

Review & Selection

Our creative team will review the idea, determining whether the proposed direction currently aligns with current vision for franchise expansion.

Feedback & Implementation

Creative team will provide feedback to creator on the viability of their Co/Create proposition and launch Co/Create for public submission if applicable.