Voice Performance
Children of Eldair

Collaborate with the creator of Children of Eldair to voice the character of Koe, a key figure navigating the complexities of the magical world of Eldair.

Co/Create Details
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Co/Create Details

for Koe Voice Performance


Koe is deeply entwined with the mystical energies of Eldair, finding himself often alone in confronting the unknown threats that loom over his world. His nights are haunted by the red skies and dire omens in the stars, prompting him to leave the safety of his cavern to uncover truths that the heavens whisper but dare not fully reveal.


We are looking for a male voice actor who can bring Koe's introspective and mystical nature to life. The ideal voice should convey a blend of wisdom and weariness, hinting at the many secrets and burdens Koe carries.

To submit, please record an audition reading of the following sample dialogue in accordance with the guidelines:

"I've always liked the sound of my own footsteps. They are reassurance that I exist, body and soul. With weight and impact upon the world."


The selected voice performer for this Co/Create will conduct a minute recording session to record all of the lines currently written for Koe in Children of Eldair (see the Children of Eldair Webtoon for reference).

As additional chapters are produced, the chosen actor will work with the creator of Children of Eldair to set up a mutually agreed upon recording schedule and scope of work and budget to record future chapters of the story.



Submit your audition for this role.

Review & Selection

The creator(s) will evaluate all submissions and select the winner.

Feedback & Finalization

The winning actor will work with the creator(s) to record lines as outlined in the Submission Requirements.

Story Integration

Recorded lines will be incorporated into the story.


The actor will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.