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The Disco Ball: Chapter 1
Alma Support Posts

Collaborate with us on bringing to life Alma Cooke’s character in THE DISCO BALL by writing comments about her mural posts on Instagram.

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Submission Guidelines

Interested writers should submit an original comment regarding Alma’s murals.

Story Context

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Towards the beginning of Chapter 1 of THE DISCO BALL, there is a beautiful monologue from Captain Alma Cooke about her experience:

“It's like being inside of a disco ball. No up. No down. Just you, showered in the light from everyother place, every other time, every other possibility, all of it converging here, a point that’s somehow both random and the center of it all.”

Unbeknownst to Alma, Engineer Marcus Rhoder was streaming her commentary on his YouTube channel. The clip went viral, appearing on CNN, and the comments started pouring in on Alma’s personal Instagram account, where she shares photos from her side-hobby as a mural painter.

Creative Considerations

This is a quick and easy way to become a part of the story creation process of THE DISCO BALL. There will be a light curation process of submitted comments (ensuring comments are contextually accurate to Alma’s Instagram), but our goal is to accept as many submitted comments as possible (and reward Profit Points in the process).

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How it Works

Interested participants in this fun Co-Create should submit a short, original comment specifically written for Alma’s mural Instagram account.

Review & Selection

Our creative team will review all submitted applications, accepting only contextually appropriate comments.

Story Integration

Each approved comment will be integrated into the story, appearing in Chapter 1 of THE DISCO BALL core narrative when Alma shares the many comments on her Instagram feed.


Comment-writers will be appropriately credited and recognized for their contributions.