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The "Storyline" from StoryCo - Issue 003 (The One Where we Launch THE DISCO BALL Prologue-Experience)

Cover image for The "Storyline" from StoryCo - Issue 003 (The One Where we Launch THE DISCO BALL Prologue-Experience)

We can’t thank our community enough for assisting us as we launched our interactive prologue experience leading up to the release of Chapter 1 of THE DISCO BALL, which entailed the public stepping-out moment for an organization called DBRIS and their decades-long exploration into Disco Ball Theory.

This activation has been months in the making, and our team (led by our co-founder J.P. and Chief Experience Officer Justin Middleton) dug deep into decades of sci-fi nerd-dom to make this a memorable experience for our community.

If you missed the kick-off of last week’s activation, don’t fret: below we have included a recap of what transpired.

And if you’ve been following along since last Thursday and saw today’s update on Twitter, you’ll know that our journey with DBRIS and Disco Ball Theory is just getting started…

The Disco Ball: Project Updates

Introducing: DBRIS (The Disco Ball Research and Investigation Society)

DBRIS (The Disco Ball Research and Investigation Society)

Last week, we soft-launched THE DISCO BALL with the coming out party of an organization called DBRIS.

A little bit about DBRIS:

DBRIS (The Disco Ball Research and Investigation Society) has been operating for decades investigating potential communication attempts from parallel dimensions. DBRIS believes in Disco Ball Theory, which suggests that our reality is composed of an infinite number of parallel universes, each influencing the others through a complex web of interactions. With the increasing frequency of communication attempts, DBRIS has decided to go public in order to potentially answer a call for help or heed a warning from a parallel universe. They fear that ignoring these messages could have devastating consequences for the delicate balance of the multiverse. More info on their ethos and mission can be found at www.DBRIS.net.

Through a multi-platform social campaign, DBRIS launched on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, disseminating the below flyer across the web and calling for tips from the public to assist their research into Disco Ball Theory.

🚨DBRIS has received a mysterious package (a puzzle from another dimension)

Today, DBRIS shared on Twitter that they are now in possession of a mysterious package:

DBRIS is asking for help piecing together the pieces of this puzzle.

Have an idea of what this could all mean? Hop into Discord and start theorizing: https://discord.com/invite/storyco.

A little alpha for our earliest believers: the fastest puzzle-solvers will be rewarded handsomely in the future of THE DISCO BALL…

A quick recap of what’s already transpired with DBRIS

Thursday, 5/4:

DBRIS stepped out from the shadows via Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, disseminating the flyer and introducing their org’s ethos and beliefs to the world.

DBRIS also activated its global network of organizers to amplify their message by having them print out and hang the flyers in their cities (having reached over 35 cities and counting as of today)

Monday, 5/8:

DBRIS posted its first piece of original research, an in-depth look into the fabled Wow! Signal from 1977, exploring how the world has misconstrued the event as evidence of extraterrestrial contact when it actually serves as sound evidence in support of Disco Ball Theory.

Tuesday, 5/9:

After posting the Wow! Signal thread, we received a tip via email, in the form of a scan of a 50-year-old letter written by a woman named Therese Thome. Its contents seem to reveal new layers to the mystery of the Wow! Signal…

Wednesday, 5/10

DBRIS received a mysterious unmarked package at its PO box, and tasked its growing, global community with piecing together potential clues therewithin to help them make heads and tails of the packages source/implications.

Thursday, 5/11 -> beyond

-Some DBRIS Organizers are hosting a puzzle-solving bonanza in the “#🔎│theories” channel of Discord, tonight at 4pm PST.

J.P. on why immersive storytelling is the future of entertainment

In 2005, I founded “The Lost Club” at my highschool. Yes, LOST, the show. People came over to my house to watch it and I made them snacks, but I was also an absolute tyrant who made rules like “nobody can talk while the show is on” and forced everyone into book club style discussions post-episode. It was clear I was WAY more into the show than anyone else in the club. But in between seasons 2 and 3, ABC launched the Alternate Reality Game “The Lost Experience,” and it altered the way I perceived storytelling and allowed me to find a tribe of online nerds that cared about the show as much as I did. I found true community.

When my brother and I founded StoryCo and started to think deeply about connecting creators and fans, and how a narrative could create and foster an engaged community, it was clear we had the unique opportunity to create a platform that enables truly immersive narratives to change the way fans interact with stories.

What is Immersive Entertainment?

In recent years, immersive and interactive entertainment has emerged as a potent force in the media landscape. This form of entertainment blurs the lines between storytellers and audience, involving users actively in the narrative, and creating an emotional connection that far surpasses traditional viewing experiences. At StoryCo, we recognize the transformative potential of immersive narratives, and we are excited to incorporate this innovative approach in THE DISCO BALL in a manner which paves the way for many of the future stories on our platform.

Why Immersive Narrative for THE DISCO BALL?

THE DISCO BALL is not just a story; it's an experience. We want our audience to step into the world of our characters, feel their emotions, and help navigate their challenges. An immersive narrative allows for just that.

With our immersive approach, you're not just watching the story unfold from the sidelines; you're a part of the action. This unique level of engagement fosters a deeper emotional investment in the narrative and its characters, enhancing the overall enjoyment and increasing the stickiness of the IP.

Community Building Through Immersive Experiences

At the heart of StoryCo's mission is a desire to build strong, engaged communities through storytelling. By allowing audiences to actively participate in THE DISCO BALL, we're fostering a shared sense of ownership and camaraderie. This sense of collective participation and shared experience forms the bedrock of the vibrant community we hope to build around our production.

Shaping the Future of Entertainment

As we lean into immersive narratives for our first production, StoryCo is demonstrating its commitment to innovation, audience engagement, and community building. We believe that THE DISCO BALL, with its immersive narrative, will revolutionize the way stories are told and experienced.

In the age of technology and constant digital interaction, the need for personal connection and shared experiences is more crucial than ever. With THE DISCO BALL, we're not just offering a story, but an opportunity for audiences to connect, to share, and to experience something truly unique.

I hope you’ll join us and be a part of THE DISCO BALL and uncover the secrets behind DBRIS.

At StoryCo, we are not just enabling people to tell stories, we’re enabling them to create experiences. And we can't wait for you to be a part of ours.

StoryCo Community Highlights

New Producer Token holder spotlight

Last week we welcomed a brand new crop of Producer Token holders into the StoryCo extended family. Below, we’d like to introduce 3 such members to introduce the broad spectrum of talent present in our community:

Roope Rainisto - A Finnish artist, designer, photographer and screenwriter, who pushes the boundaries of reality and virtuality. Roope's creative work in AI-based generative art has earned him recognition as the winner of the second AI art contest by Claire Silver. Recently, Roope launched his first NFT collection “Life in West America” to much popular acclaim. The collection of AI-generated post-photography project delves deep into the complexities of the American landscape, striking a chord with the public for its visceral, surreal look and imagery, and reaching a floor price of 10 ETH.

Mengda Zhang - Born in Nanjing, China, Mengda is a seasoned artist with a unique take on performance and installation art. She received her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and her MFA at the University of Pennsylvania. Her work has been featured in many museums worldwide including the MoMA in NYC, the Center for Contemporary Art and Culture in Portland, and the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in Seoul. In her interdisciplinary work with performance, installation, and moving images, she explores the relationship between the individual and society.

Timshel - Timshel is a visionary in networked creativity (no wonder we’re a fan). He has founded projects like Chainspaceapp, a Bitcoin inscription tool, Openquill, an on-chain publishing technology & system, and Pendium, a project our team is particularly amped about. Pendium's product is a bespoke bot that lives in Discord, allowing collaborative media communities to generate custom lore, content and collective wisdom. Timshel is building at the forefront of Web3-enabled community co-creation and we couldn’t be happier to have him in our core-community.