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StoryCo Raises a $6M Seed Round

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We are delighted to announce that StoryCo has secured a $6M seed round to develop our open storytelling platform and our initial productions, including our inaugural production The Disco Ball. You can check out the exclusive from Inisder here and the official The Disco Ball press release here. The round was led by the amazing teams at Collab + Currency and Patron, with contributions from some of the most innovative minds and creators in technology, web3, entertainment, and gaming, including the firms and individuals below.

We are humbled to have investors who believe in our vision for StoryCo with the collective power to help us make it a household name that provides creators and fans with new opportunities, ownership, and access globally.

Here are some thoughts from our investors:

“Despite Hollywood and the entertainment industry growing into such a massive business around original IP in recent years, the creative talent which help to imagine and bring these stories to life are often overlooked and excluded from the value they help to create. We believe that better models will emerge which help emerging creative talent to capture and share in the value around these IP. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the StoryCo team as they look to build a platform which does just this, helping creatives attain more control and ownership of the IP they help to create.” Jason Yeh, General Partner at Patron.

“Historically, fans of the most well known stories and IP are often downplayed as mere consumers, not as owners, collaborators, or sources of inspiration. That changes today. Our team couldn’t be more excited to back StoryCo, the internet’s first open ecosystem of story creation, interaction, and most importantly—ownership.” Derek Edward Schloss, Managing Partner at Collab+Currency.