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StoryCo Launches Collaborative Sci-Fi Epic THE DISCO BALL, Starring Stephanie Beatriz and Costa Ronin

Cover image for  StoryCo Launches Collaborative Sci-Fi Epic THE DISCO BALL, Starring Stephanie Beatriz and Costa Ronin

StoryCo announced today the launch of our first collaborative narrative; THE DISCO BALL, a sci-fi adventure starring Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Encanto, Twisted Metal) and Costa Ronin (The Americans, Homeland) with supporting performances by Lionel Boyce (The Bear), Baron Ryan (@americanbaron on TikTok), and Teddy Sears (The Flash, Masters of Sex).

The first chapter of THE DISCO BALL is available now on the StoryCo platform at Story.co/discoball. The story’s multi-chapter arc will unfold over the next several months as creators from around the globe expand and extend the story world alongside its chief creators.

Buckle up 🚀

Welcome to: THE DISCO BALL Experience

THE DISCO BALL is a first-of-its-kind multimedia narrative from the mind of accomplished Hollywood Showrunner Kyle Killen (Halo, Awake, Lone Star) and illustrated by celebrated LA-based pop- artists shelby and sandy (@shelbyandsandy on Instagram).

They built the foundation of a narrative universe, and we now invite you into the creative process to expand this story into an infinitely evolving franchise through our “Co/Create” initiative. Co/Creates will span artistic mediums, from creative writing to illustrating, animating to acting. Creatives from around the world can create original storylines, animate scenes, voice characters, compose music, and more.

There are limitless opportunities for you to co-create THE DISCO BALL right now. View all open Co/Creates or submit an original idea at Story.co/create.

Co/Create participants will see their work integrated into the core narrative of THE DISCO BALL and be rewarded with upfront compensation as well as a share of future profits of the underlying IP through StoryCo’s “Profit Points” initiative. Profit Points represent a share of the profit generated by the underlying story IP and will be awarded to anyone who meaningfully contributes to and engages with THE DISCO BALL.

At StoryCo, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of amazing stories, and earn a fair share of the financial upside for their work.

We created THE DISCO BALL to showcase the potential of the StoryCo platform and to prove that stories are better when we collaborate.

How to Get Involved with THE DISCO BALL

Our mission is to unlock the potential of creators around the world by building a collaborative storytelling platform that allows creators and communities to come together to co-create and co-own the next generation of story-based franchises.

If you are interested in building the next generation of story franchises with us, here are 4 ways to get started:

  • Experience the story by signing up for an account at Story.Co and activating your StoryPass, then enjoying THE DISCO BALL at Story.co/discoball
  • Be a creator by going to Story.Co/create and submitting to one of the open opportunities to help expand THE DISCO BALL
  • Join the discussion on our Discord and Reddit pages
  • Be an advocate by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok and engaging with all our latest updates and announcements


For more information about our launch of THE DISCO BALL and our mission at StoryCo, check out our coverage in Deadline: