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Introducing the $100K Story Accelerator Program: Entering the Next Phase for StoryCo

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In case you missed it, yesterday we announced the launch of StoryCo's $100K Accelerator Program!

Apply now to get the funding and resources you need to turn your script, short story, comic, or audio-narrative into a multimedia epic!

We’ve launched the Accelerator as a key step in our longstanding mission to enable storytellers from anywhere to create multimedia stories that can act as the foundation for a future movie or TV show or stand on its own within the StoryCo platform.

We’re making this possible by building a digital storytelling platform equipped with bespoke creator tooling and social networking elements to empower writers and artists worldwide to co-create amazing stories, build a fanbase, and monetize effectively.

As we begin the process of bringing new IP onto our platform, we wanted to give you a glimpse of where this launch of the Accelerator marks us on our journey to date.

Phase 1: Creating THE DISCO BALL and Building the Tools

Our first collaborative narrative, THE DISCO BALL, is a dynamic story that combines script, art, performance and music. We launched our platform with THE DISCO BALL with the intention of using the creation process to inform how we could best build the tools necessary to empower the global co-creation of thousands of rich audio-visual worlds on the StoryCo platform in a similar manner.

This process combined the collective talents of many different creatives and StoryCo departments working across several disciplines-creative writing, art and design, production, and engineering-allowing us to better-understand the disparate elements necessary to create multimedia stories cheaper and faster than ever before on StoryCo.

After a successful launch of Chapter 1 last November, we had distinguished the basis level of tools and resources necessary to tell rich multimedia stories that expand and evolve as a storyteller leverages creative collaborators.

We were ready to begin the process of opening up those tools to the public.

Phase 2: The Accelerator - Teasing out and Refining Our Tools with our Community

Enter the $100K Accelerator Fund, through which we will offer a select cohort of 10-20 storytellers exclusive access to our platform and tools to support them to turn their story into a rich multimedia world. Our goal is to seek stories that are ripe for multimedia production and storytellers that are eager to seek collaborators on our platform and realize their creative vision in the unique mode the StoryCo platform offers.

Our cohort participants will be the first to go through the publishing process on StoryCo. We will give them funding and other resources to empower their story creation, allowing us to gather valuable insights to refine and perfect our storytelling technology in the process.

We can’t wait to discover the incredible storytellers through this Accelerator program who will trail-blaze our platform.

Phase 3: A Thriving, Open Platform

Looking ahead beyond the Accelerator, the final phase of our platform is simple; make these storytelling tools accessible to everyone.

We look forward to a future where thousands of stories thrive on StoryCo.

The Accelerator is a crucial step in this journey. As we embark on this new phase, we invite you to join us.

Apply for the Accelerator Program and let us help you quickly and seamlessly turn your precious story into a rich multimedia experience.

We can’t wait to build worlds with you!