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Introducing: The Marcus Rhoder Backstory!

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We're thrilled to announce that the “Marcus Rhoder Backstory,” the first character backstory fully-realized via several different Co/Create opportunities, is now live at story.co/discoball/branches/marcus for your story-consumption-pleasure.

The “Marcus Rhoder Backstory” Explained

The Marcus Rhoder Backstory is a “Story Branch” from the core narrative of THE DISCO BALL. A “Story Branch” is an offshoot of the core narrative that may follow or expand upon different characters, events, or threads in the narrative universe. (You can think of Rogue One, or Book of Boba Fett as story branches of the initial Star Wars Trilogy).

The backstory of Marcus Rhoder combined the talents of a writer, an illustrator, and an actor who collaborated via our Co/Create initiative to craft a rich personal history for one of our key characters.

  • Screenwriter Michael Lewen
  • Illustrator Ron Ackins
  • Actor Lauren Neal

*With an incredible voice performance from actor Lionel Boyce, the voice of Marcus Rhoder

You can read the Artist Spotlight profiles we wrote on these incredible creators at Story.co/blog.

The backstory is set amidst Marcus’ days as an Aerospace Engineering student at Stanford, chronicling his relationship with his college sweetheart, Jackie, as they chase their shared dream of exploring space together.

The Genesis “Story Branch” from THE DISCO BALL Core Narrative

Marcus’ Backstory will be the first of many Story Branches to be built on top of the core narrative of THE DISCO BALL.

Story Branches give our community the ability to tell any story in the world of THE DISCO BALL, in whatever medium they choose.

Imagine a live-action short film that brings to life the childhood memories of a main character, complete with real actors and settings. Or how about an AI-generated animated dream sequence. Or perhaps a multi-chapter comic dedicated to unfolding the layers of a compelling side character. The possibilities are endless, and we're excited to see your vision come to life in our Ideas Co/Create platform!

And the best part is; you can pitch your vision for a future Story Branch right now by submitting to our Ideas Co/Create!

The Marcus Rhoder Backstory exemplifies our vision for THE DISCO BALL - a narrative universe continuously evolving and expanding through the creative contributions of our community. There are so many types of stories to tell within this universe, and we can’t wait for our community to expand it in whatever way they chose.

And while the narrative possibilities for the future of THE DISCO BALL are endless, we hope you enjoy experiencing the early days of how Marcus Rhoder came to be one of the most beloved and capable members aboard Captain Alma Cooke’s team aboard the ISS.