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The Disco Ball

Inside THE DISCO BALL: shelby and sandy

Go inside THE DISCO BALL and learn more about Story Artists shelby and sandy!

Who Are shelby and sandy?

shelby and sandy, the California-based artistic duo of brothers Shelby Murphy (born 1983) and Sandy Murphy (born 1992), have made a significant mark in the contemporary art world.

Their journey began in Irvine, California, where they were immersed in a creative environment, thanks to their artistically inclined mother. They formally began their collaboration in 2013 after Shelby's stint in the entertainment industry and Sandy's fine arts education at the University of Southern California. The duo is known for their vibrant, nostalgic works featuring beloved cartoon characters and pop culture icons. They produce their own acrylic paint and ensure every detail in their works aligns with their artistic standards.

Additionally, they've eschewed traditional gallery representation, building an online collector base through social media. This approach allowed them to directly engage with their audience and control their artistic market and has garnered them a substantial online following and the admiration of celebrity collectors like Drake, Mariah Carey, and Bradley Cooper.

Their works have been showcased internationally, including in South Korea and Hong Kong, and they've collaborated with major brands like Disney and Warner Bros.

As Story Artists for THE DISCO BALL, shelby and sandy bring their signature style, incorporating elements of their cherished childhood memories and creative flair. This venture into the realm of digital storytelling and art with StoryCo marks a new chapter in their career, showcasing their versatility and willingness to explore new mediums while staying true to their artistic roots.