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Co/Create Winner Profile - The Band 'Fuzzle'

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Fuzzle is an electronic rock band that produced a wholly original song for the "Gold Coast TV Show Theme Song" Co/Create, perfectly encapsulating the synth-heavy, groovy-80s tone and feel we were seeking for this vital element of THE DISCO BALL universe.

The musical duo consists of Eric Fransen of Phoenix, AZ, and Sean Skifstrom of Redondo Beach, CA. Fransen and Skifstrom grew up together in Manhattan Beach, but didn't start making music together until around 2017, ultimately forming Fuzzle during the pandemic in 2020. Their music is deeply inspired by iconic 80s bands like Depeche Mode, DEVO, and A Flock Of Seagulls, paying tribute to the era they both cherish.

It isn’t an overstatement to say they were practically born to create the Gold Coast theme song.

Fuzzle's Co-Creation

Below is Fuzzle's completed "Gold Coast" theme song Co-Creation:

Fuzzle's Creative Process

“It was a very organic approach with Gold Coast because it’s an extension of the music we are already making!” wrote the band via email. “We watched some classic episodes of Miami Vice to get into the proper head space, then we started with some drums and synth bass. The rest fell into place!”

To produce and record the song, the band employed effects like palm mutes and guitar slides to inject palpable energy and evoke quintessential 80s-nostalgia. They are inspired by the nostalgia of 80s pop culture of the 80s in the creation of their original music, and cited the presence of these elements in THE DISCO BALL, and the Gold Coast Theme Cong Co/Create specifically, that moved them to try their hand at becoming a part of THE DISCO BALL experience.

Looking Ahead

Fuzzle's song will be incorporated into THE DISCO BALL experience in a later chapter at a pivotal moment for our characters. Our team is currently thinking through how to create more Co/Create opportunities for creators to build upon Fuzzle's incredible song.


You can discover Fuzzle's music on their website, and on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can view their submission to the "Gold Coast TV Show Theme Song" Co/Create here:

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