The Disco Ball Co/Create Program Profit Event Instructions

Accessing Your Account: You may sign in at with the email address you used to create the account for your Co/Create submissions.

Verifying Your Identity: To ensure your security and comply with KYC regulations, we require all members to complete a one-time verification process before being granted Profit Points for the first time. When this feature is available, click on the "KYC Verification" link in your account dashboard. You'll be asked to provide proof of your identity via an easy and secure multi-step verification process.

Reviewing Your Balance: Once this feature is available, you can review your total Co/Create Profit Points balance for The Disco Ball on your account dashboard.

Claiming Funds: When you make a claim after a "Profit Event", as outlined in The Disco Ball Co/Create Program Terms & Conditions, the StoryCo platform will deduct the relevant number of points from your balance and distribute the funds to you.

We aim to keep this process as secure and smooth as possible and will be rolling out these supporting features in the coming weeks. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please reach out to our team.

Please also note that Program Points are not transferable and have no cash value outside of the The Disco Ball Co/Create Program. StoryCo reserves the right to alter, limit, or modify the Program Points redemption structure at any time, in accordance with the Program's terms and conditions.

For full details, please refer to our Program Terms & Conditions.