The CCPA’s implementing regulations define a “financial incentive” as a program, benefit, or other offering “related to the collection, deletion, or sale of personal information.” offers guests the opportunity to participate in The Disco Ball Co/Create Program (the “Program”), which may provide benefits, rewards, as well as the opportunity to earn points that can be redeemed for discounted monetary benefits. Those benefits are described along with other material terms and conditions found in our Terms and Conditions. Our collection of members’ Personal Information (including name, zip code, email address, and other Personal Information as described above under “Information We Collect”) allows to operate the Program and provide membership benefits. uses the Personal Information of Program members, to both award and redeem points. Otherwise, the types of Personal Information that we collect from Program members are generally similar to the types of Personal Information that we collect from individuals who are not Program members. The amount of Personal Information that we collect from a member or non-member may vary and is dependent on the level of interactions and engagement that the member or non-member has with

Program members have the ability to organize their Personal Information and preferences as part of their Program profile. For example, a Program profile may include address, phone, month and day of birth, and gender, and communication preferences.

If you are a California resident and opted out of our “sale” of your Personal Information before you joined the Program, you will need to opt out again once you are a member, if you do not wish for to “sell” your Personal Information.To do so, contact us at [email protected]

We estimate the value of a member’s Personal Information to solely for purposes of the CCPA and pursuant to the valuation options mandated by the CCPA regulations, to be on average approximately $0.00. This estimate is not specific to any individual consumer and varies per consumer. We have based this good-faith estimate on the value that arises from our commercial relationships and the collection and retention of the Personal Information of consumers who have voluntarily signed up and chosen to remain in the Program. The value of Program benefits to members varies significantly as individual members take advantage of Program benefits to varying degrees.

You may join the Program on any channels approved by

Members who are California residents may exercise their CCPA rights (i.e., the rights to know, to request deletion, and to opt out of the sale of Personal Information) without any effect on their membership status or eligibility to receive rewards, and Program members who exercise their privacy rights under the CCPA receive the same benefits as members who do not. A member may also choose not to receive marketing updates or offers at any time without any effect on their membership status or eligibility to receive Program benefits.

You may cancel your membership at any time by notifying Member Support at: [email protected]